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More than merely offering a chronicle of my gardening experiences, this site celebrates lush beds of fragrant flowers, heirloom vegetable preservation, farm to table dining, the slow food movement, lazy summer afternoons resting beneath shade trees, and choruses of birds singing, bees buzzing and breezes wafting.  In addition to the plants growing in my own garden, I will periodically explore garden-related subjects from around the world, ranging from rare trees and innovative hybridists to
en plein air paintings and artful filmography depicting lovely flowers and stunning landscapes. 

So journey with me!  Spade and trowel are optional, of course, but I hope something discovered here will compel you to see gardening through a new lens, one that opens up a world of infinite possibilities and years of gardening pleasure.

Greg Freeman

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Bremmer, Untitled, 1973, Oil on canvasboard. 

Lovely still-life of red poppies, but know nothing about artist.  Framed.

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April 15, 2017      
Greg Freeman's Garden Chronicle       Issue 3

What's Inside?  Long-Anticipated Maiden Daffodil Blooms Make an Appearance; A Taste of Italy:  Spaghetti all'Amatriciana; The Story of a Survivor; Lessons from the "Butterfly Lady"; Review:  Paris in 3D in the Belle Époque; A Watchmaker's Timeless Flower; Photograph:  All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

December 7, 2016       Greg Freeman's Garden Chronicle       Issue 2

What's Inside?  Buddlejas for All Spaces and Budgets; The Humble Fig; Daffodils to Honor My Friend; Sculptus HortusThe Climbers; Gardening Lessons from a George Willis-Pryce Painting.

April 15, 2016      Greg Freeman's Garden Chronicle       Inaugural Edition

What's Inside?  Tulip Fever Slated to Release in 2016; A Lesson in Faith:  The Symbolism of Job's Tears in One Gardener's Journey; Terrariums:  Easy, Affordable Garden Projects for the Young...and Young at Heart; Hidden Botanical Treasures; Ronde de Nice Courgette Farcie; Van Gogh Paintings Spring to Life in New Film; Winners from 2016 Atlanta and Knoxville Daffodil Shows.

Gardens around the World
This video features five enchanting gardens that, according to The Times of India, are the most beautiful gardens in India!  Home
Southern Edition, another electronic resource from Greg Freeman Publishing, features an array of content related to the American South, including its Magnolia Eden department (which is devoted to gardening).  Following are just a few of the Southern Edition gardening articles that might be of interest:
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The Carolina Lily:  Michaux's Discovery Still Prized by Gardeners
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       In addition to being an avid gardener and daffodil hybridist, judge and exhibitor, Greg Freeman is an author, editor, singer, songwriter and amateur visual artist.  His nonfiction writing on a number of subjects has appeared in magazines, encyclopedias and books of academic and scholarly interest, as well as Southern Edition, Freeman's digital publication devoted to the American South.  A fan of fictional British detectives, particularly Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, Freeman contributed a chapter to Nadine Farghaly's edited volume, Gender and the Modern Sherlock Holmes:  Essays on Film and Television Adaptations Since 2009 (Jefferson, North Carolina:  McFarland and Company, 2015).  In 2015, Freeman released a country music radio single, "Sunlight and Shadows," garnering international airplay, and his gospel music has received national exposure through television and radio. 

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